So we're teenagers. We fall in love too often, too easily and too hard for our own good; we don't listen to the people that we value the opinion of the most; we hurt the people we love. And we make the same mistakes over and over. We want all the privileges of being older, with the advantages of being young. We do things no one can explain, including us. Every minute of it is exhausting, and every minute is amazing.

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    Hurt people hurt people. That’s how pain patterns gets passed on, generation after generation after generation. Break the chain today. Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion, cruelty with kindness. Greet grimaces with smiles. Forgive and forget about finding fault. Love is the weapon of the future.
    - Yehuda Berg (via liveasloved)

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    I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow.
    - Kid Cudi (via justechoesoffthewall)

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